Resurrecting Everybody’s Favorite Satire Blog

Dear Readers,


Last year I ran a satire blog entitled Dispatches from the Lions’ Den. I wrote a dozen or so fake news stories before deleting it all due to life shit and increasing paranoia about my presence on the Internet.

While I still think that a maintaining a meta-existence is like catfishing yourself, I decided to restart my satire blog with the hopes that it will lead to me being paid for pissing people off, the ultimate goal of any humor writer worth their sea salted Wendy’s fries.

I managed to save some of the gems from Fall 2020 from the dumpster and will be reposting the time specific ones as Fall 2020 Reposts. The non-time specific ones will be recycled because according to the benevolent corporate overlords building rockets to get the fuck off this planet, recycling is what’s going to save us from climate change.

I hope you all get some laughs. As always, send all death threats, character assassinations, and love letters to 10 Dropdead Avenue, Apt. #GFY Topeka, Kansas 00000.